From deer hunting to dove.

From sun up to sundown, I went on a hunt.  I first started with deer hunting.  According to white tail deer action, the best time to kill a deer is early in the morning right after sunrise, and right before it gets dark.  So that is exactly what I did, I went to the deer hunting blind right before sunrise and I sat and waited for about three hours and then I checked the corn feeder, where I emptied out some corn in hopes that a deer would come.

After almost four hours of deer hunting and not seeing anything.  I made my way to the side of the field for some dove hunting.  By the end of the day we (me, my boyfriend, and friend)  ended up with zero deer but 15 doves!  Including the 1 dove that I got, in which I am extremely excited about.  Enjoy this slide show of my all day hunting experience!

Pictures taken by Haley Womac and Jacob Merry.

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