Finally, I got my first buck!

I finally killed my first deer, after a long weekend of hunting and all hope was lost.  According to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, November 9-18, 2013, hunters could kill only deer with antlers and that is exactly what I did.

After hunting all weekend, Sunday came around and I had lost hope that I would even see a buck.  We woke up at 5 a.m. and headed out to the woods.  We got in the blind and as always I leaned back and tried to fall asleep till day light.  We were not out there five minutes and my fiancé tapped me on the leg and said, “Haley! buck, buck, buck”.  I jumped up and there stood a six point buck eating out of the corn pile we set out.

It was still a little dark outside so it was a little hard to see him.  I looked through my scope and I could see his outline.  My fiancé told me that when the deer turned to the side, I was to aim and shoot.  Not even a minute later the poor buck turned to the side to walk off, I then took a deep breath, aimed and shot!  He jumped in the air and ran off.  I was for sure that I had missed.  We waited about twenty minutes and went on a search for the deer that I may have shot.  After searching through the woods for ten minutes we finally found the six-point buck that I had actually shot.  I was very excited that I killed a buck my very first time shooting at one.


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